1. Who is the current Wisconsin Poet Laureate

Nicholas Gulig is the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2023-2024. Nick is a Thai-American poet and an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater.  Read more about Nick on the Home Page.

2. Who is on the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission

The Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission is comprised of volunteers who perform several functions crucial to the maintenance of the Wisconsin Poet Laureate position: it selects a new Laureate every two years, publicizes the position, administers the program’s finances, including the raising of funds to support the Poet Laureate’s expenses, and helps connect the Poet Laureate with the people of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Poet Laureate program was originally created by an executive order of Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson in 2000. After the $2,000 annual budget for the laureateship was eliminated by Governor Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters announced its stewardship of the program to ensure its survival. Today, the position of Wisconsin Poet Laureate is kept alive by individual donations, and by financial support from member organizations:

  • Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters
  • Wisconsin Center for the Book
  • Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
  • Wisconsin Humanities Council
  • Wisconsin Arts Board
  • Council for Wisconsin Writers
  • Chippewa Valley Writers Guild
  • Write on Door County

Members of the commission include representatives from each of these organizations, along with at-large commission members from across the state.

3. How do I book the Wisconsin Poet Laureate to visit my organization?

To contact the Wisconsin Poet Laureate, go to http://www.wisconsinpoetlaureate.org/content/contact-current-poet-laureate

4. Who are the past Wisconsin Poets Laureate?

Margaret Rozga - 2019-2020 [Read More]

Karla Huston - 2017-2018 [Read More]

Kimberly Blaeser - 2015-2016 [Read More]

Max Garland – 2013-2014 [Read More]

Bruce Dethlefsen – 2010-2012 [Read More]

Marilyn Taylor – 2008-2010 [Read More]

Denise Sweet – 2004-2008 [Read More]

Ellen Kort – 2000-2004 [Read More]

5. How can I apply or nominate someone to be Wisconsin Poet Laureate?

The Wisconsin Poet Laureate’s term of service is two years. Application for the 2023-2024 Wisconsin Poet Laureate occurs in 2022.  **Applications are now CLOSED** [Read more on application questions and guidelines.]

6. How can I donate to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Fund?

You can donate to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Fund in two ways.

Annual Support

You too can contribute to the growth of poetry throughout the state of Wisconsin with a tax-deductible gift to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission. Your gift will help to further the mission of the WPLC and ensure we have sufficient funding to pay the Poet Laureate’s annual stipend of $2000.

To support the WPLC now, please mail a contribution to: 

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters

1922 University Avenue,
 Madison, Wisconsin 53726
Make checks payable to: WASAL/Poet Laureate

Long-term Support

Above and beyond our need for annual support is our desire to plan and provide for the long-term financial health of the WPLC through an endowed fund held at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, so that the Poet Laureate position and our mission live on far into the future.

To ensure the program's future, please mail a contribution to: 

Community Foundation
P.O. Box 563, Appleton, WI 54912-0563

Make checks payable to: CFFVR/WI Poet Laureate Fund